Turn reps into results faster with gloves that track your workout.

The first strength training wearable with patented weight sensing technology.
The Delta Gloves automatically track your workout and help you reach your goals.

Tracking Your Workout Has Never Been Easier

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  • Record Workout

    Automatically records exercise, sets, reps & weight lifted in real time so you can focus on getting the most out of every set.

  • Measure Progress

    Review history of specific exercises or compare different workouts by comparing your power output (Watts).

  • Customized Workouts

    Use our artificial inteligence system to build customized workouts tailored to you or sync with your personal trainer and let their expert opinion guide you.

  • Realtime Feedback

    Recieve haptic or in-ear notifications at the end of sets or rest periods. Get tips on proper form and technique.

Push Yourself to the Limit

Recieve personalized coaching through your headphones during your sets and access post-workout results in the PureCarbon app. Workout with confidence and beat personal goals with a training program curated just for you.

Stop hitting walls, start breaking through them.

Glove Design

How it Works


Gear Up

Put on your Delta Gloves and get ready to begin.


Select Workout

Follow your customized workout or pick from popular exercises within the app.


Start Lifting

Sensors automatically track your weights, reps, and sets.



Check in on your progress and review your performance summary.

  • "The technology is impressive… using the graphene to measure weight is very interesting. That is cutting edge!"

    Brian Krzanich, CEO of Intel
  • "With the performance tracking feature, PureCarbon's Delta Gloves would help me to push my body to do more every workout."

    Danny Royster, Master Trainer and Competitive Body Builder
  • "You are solving a major pain point for me personally so you’ve got my preorder."

    Kevin Pereira, Host of Hack My Life

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the Delta Gloves measure the weight I am lifting?

Yes. The Delta Gloves have soft flexible pressure sensors printed right into the gloves which allow the them to determine the weight lifted.

How much weight can the Delta Gloves measure?

The current generation of printed pressure sensors can detect up to 90 lbs of force per sensor. Each hand is equiped with three sensors apiece.

Which smartphones will the Delta Gloves support?

Initial support is planned for all iOS devices which are Bluetooth 4.0 enabled. Eventual support for similarly enabled Android devices is planned.

Can I use the Delta Gloves with multiple devices?

The Delta Gloves can only be paired to one mobile device at a time.

Do I need to be connected to WiFi to use the Delta Gloves?

No. The Delta Gloves connect to your phone via BLE, no WiFi required. Certain app functionality, like discovering new exercises, workouts and routines in the feed, may require an internet connection.

How often do the removable pucks need to be charged?

Each removable puck contains a rechargeable Li-Ion battery that lasts for approximately 10 hours (charging cradle included).

Can the Delta Gloves detect any type of exercise?

Any exercise that provides a unique motion and pressure signature can be detected automatically. This includes body weight exercises like push-ups and pull-ups that have minimal motion but highly detectable pressure signatures.

What sizes are available?

Small (7.5" - 8.0"), Medium (8.5" - 9.0") and Large (9.5" - 10.0"). Size determination should come from taking the larger of two measurements. Measurements should be taken from the crease of the wrist to the tip of the middle finger as well as all the way around the hand at the thickest point.

Is there a warranty?

We offer a 1 year limited warranty that covers all manufacturing defects. If a sensor breaks through no fault of your own within 1 year of purchase, contact us and we'll send you a new one.

Can I use the Delta Gloves for a guided workout?

Yes. At the start of each workout you are prompted to select a workout or freeform mode. Our workouts recommend exercises to do, how much weight to lift, how many sets, and how many reps. Freeform mode allows you to just workout and review your workout after you finish.

How many sensors are there?

Two: one for each hand.

I don’t want to get big, can I still use the Delta Gloves?

When you begin working out, you'll be prompted about your goals. The Delta Gloves are here for people who have never set foot in a gym, bodybuilders, and everyone in between.

Can I still listen to music while I use the app?

Yes! Your music will momentarily fade out when the trainer is speaking, much like the voice on GPS and mapping apps while listening to music in the car. You can change the volume and frequency of trainer interactions.

Is the product waterproof?

The Delta Gloves are water and sweat proof. Hand washing is recommended. The Delta Pucks are sweat, rain and splash proof. However, the pucks are not swim, wash or shower proof and should be removed from the gloves before washing. Keep the pucks as dry and clean as possible.

Can I detach the sensors from the gloves?

Yes, all sensors are removable so the gloves can be washed or replaced.

Do the Delta Gloves ship worldwide?

The Delta Gloves will be shipping first in the US only, but will ship in more countries soon. Please note that prices may be subject to additional VAT, customs taxes and other duties.

When do the Delta Gloves ship?

The Delta Gloves are expected to ship in winter of 2018.

Do the gloves contain any materials that will cause skin irritation?

No. We have done extensive testing and have found no evidence of skin irritation. The gloves are latex free and the sensors do not have any exposed nickel.

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